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Line Dancing Classes

Any exercise that involves repetition enhances mental well being and memory. Line Dancing in particular has been shown to help with mental health, fighting depression and helping to improve problems with thought blocking and memory.

But Line dancing is so much more than that. It helps maintain good  coordination , improves balance thus opening the doors to self confidence. Muscle memory and cognitive improvement are noticeable making this an ideal activity for young and old.

Learning new routines creates a sense of accomplishment and enhances all the other benefits that this physical activity brings. And its much more fun than simple repeat exercise in the gym.


Wedding Events

Would you like something different for guest entertainment at your wedding? Line dancing has become very popular at weddings and other events and is a perfect exercise in bringing your guests together in a fun environment.

Line Dancing enhances the celebrations and creates an inclusive environment. Especially for those that are shy when contemplating the dance floor.


Private Events

While we provide for weddings and offer classes, we also offer line dancing for private parties and other events.

When there is a despite to actively engage an audience or a group of people, line dancing is an excellent way to bring this engagement to the fore. Line dancing makes for an effective team building exercise and works well in corporate programmes where people don’t know each other well.

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